Top Tips For Getting The Most From Invisalign

Invisalign tips from Sharrow Dental

Invisalign is a popular teeth straightening solution for a number of reasons and although patients are given information before they start their treatment, there are some very handy suggestions, tricks and advice that can make the process easier and the end results better!

Whether you have already started your Invisalign journey, or it is something you are considering, here are some top tips from our expert orthodontists to help you get the most from your teeth straightening journey.

Wear Time

A crucial factor which may seem obvious is that in order to work, Invisalign has to be worn. They can be taken out when necessary to eat or clean your teeth but other than that it is advised to keep them on. It is important that the aligners are worn for at least 22 hours a day, and this is especially important for the first 2 days after swapping to a new set of trays.

Swapping Aligners

Although for most patients Invisalign tends to be fairly painless, the pressure of the trays is causing the teeth to shift which can cause discomfort, tenderness and sensitivity. This is especially likely on the first few days after changing to the next set of aligners so we advise that you always make the exchange at night before bed. This means that hopefully you will be able to sleep through the first hours which tend to be the most uncomfortable and although your mouth might be sore upon waking, it should settle eventually, and you can take over the counter pain medication if required to help.

Track Your Schedule

It is important to follow the treatment plan given to you by your orthodontist and that means ensuring that you adhere to the recommended intervals as specified. So whether you write it down on a calendar, use a special app or set a reminder on your phone, make sure that you know what day you need to swap to the next set of trays.

Oral Health

Invisalign comes with many benefits but there can be a small risk for your teeth’s health if you do not maintain high levels of oral hygiene throughout. If food remnants are left on the teeth after eating and the aligners are placed back over the top, then they can be left trapped and cannot be washed away. With the warm, moist environment created by the trays, bacteria from food particles can thrive and cause tooth decay.

Where possible always try to rinse your mouth or brush after eating and make sure that your daily hygiene routine of brushing and flossing is thorough. It is also advisable to add an antimicrobial mouthwash to your daily clean to help reduce the chances of cavities from occurring.

Cleaning Aligners

Keeping the aligners themselves clean is easy and needs to be done properly and regularly to keep the teeth and mouth healthy and to ensure that the trays do not become stained or cloudy. The best way to do this is to clean them twice a day when you brush your teeth so that you are putting clean aligners onto clean teeth. You can use an unscented, antibacterial hand soap and a separate, soft bristled toothbrush to give them a good but gentle scrub and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Some people assume that it’s ok to use toothpaste but most are too abrasive, so we recommend that you avoid this. In addition to this there are also special cleaning products, often in the form of soluble tablets that can be used to give your retainer a ‘soak’ once a week.

Keep Your Old Aligners

Never throw away your old trays once you move onto the next set, but instead give them a proper clean and put them into a storage case. In the event that your current set is damaged or lost, it can take a while to get a new set made and in the meantime without aligners in, the teeth can shift and lose valuable progress. Having the previous tray to wear is a great back up and although you may need to wear them for an extra week, this is much better than what could happen with nothing to wear in their place.

Always Have A Case With You

The protective case that Invisalign comes with is ideal for people to be able to remove their aligners and store them until they need to put them back in such as when they are eating. The most common ways that trays are lost, damaged or misplaced tends to happen when they are left unprotected, wrapped in a napkin or a pocket and forgotten about or thrown away. Make sure that you have a case with you at all times and extra one in places where they can be helpful such as at your work desk or in your handbag to use when needed.

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