At Sharrow Dental we offer a wide range of professional cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Based in Chelmsford, Essex, our modern and welcoming practice ensures that our patients can receive the cosmetic dental treatments they need, all under one roof and in the care of the dentists they trust.

We know just how much a person’s teeth can impact the way they feel about their appearance, their confidence and even the way they talk to people, socialise and work in their day to day lives. Naturally, when people meet or talk face to face, we are often drawn to two things – the eyes and mouth, and for those who are self-conscious about their teeth, smiling or talking to people can be something they dread or even avoid. This can affect people’s ability and desire to meet new people, attend functions, have their photograph taken or communicate in an effective way.

For our team, cosmetic dentistry is about so much more than just improving the appearance of teeth, it is about giving our patients the confidence they need and a smile that will have them grinning from ear to ear!

Cosmetic Smile Solutions

At Sharrow Dental, we offer a wide variety of the latest, innovative cosmetic dentistry solutions and procedures to help improve the colour, shape, layout and overall appearance of patients teeth. Thanks to advances in the technology, methods, tools and materials used in dentistry, helping patients to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted is now more achievable than ever.

Those who have lived with insecurities about their teeth will know the true impact that it has on their lives and the positive advantages that can come from resolving the issues go way beyond them simply looking better.

Some of the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry can include;

  • Functional improvement for things such as chewing etc.
  • A younger, fresher, more youthful looking smile
  • Aesthetic improvements with flaws no longer visible
  • The teeth are protected from any potential further damage that may have been caused from untreated issues such as cracks, missing teeth etc.
  • Provides a noticeable confidence boost
  • Reduces pain in patients with certain dental problems

There’s no reason why you should have to live with your dental insecurities. At Sharrow Dental Care, our cosmetic Dentist Essex help thousands of patients every year to accomplish their smile goals with the latest cosmetic procedures and treatments.

About Our Cosmetic Dentist Services

At our modern dental practice in Chelmsford, Essex, our experienced, qualified and expert team of dental specialists provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

From minimally invasive procedures such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers and composite bonding to more complex treatments like crowns and bridges, our cosmetic dentistry services can help to transform your smile.

We continually investment in the latest dental technologies, equipment and training for our expert clinicians in order to be able to deliver a comprehensive cosmetic dental service. This means that we can put together a treatment plan tailored for your needs, to be carried out at a pace that suits you, delivering affordable, long lasting and effective results you will love.

Cosmetic Dentists Essex

At Sharrow Dental our aim is to listen to our patients concerns about the appearance of their teeth and to present them with the treatment options available and the information they need to make an informed decision about which treatment plan is best for them.

If you would like to discuss any of our cosmetic dental services in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to arrange a consultation for you.

Our general dental services include the following services:


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For Me?

If there are things about your teeth that you wish you could change to improve your smile, then there are a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments available which can do just that.

Before you go ahead with any cosmetic procedures, your dentist will book you in for an initial consultation where they will carry out a dental exam, talk through what it is you hope to achieve and take any x-rays or impressions if necessary.

From this, they will be able to come up with the best treatment plan for your unique dental needs and talk you through all of the options as well as answer any questions you may have to ensure that you are happy with what they are proposing before you take the next step.

At Sharrow Dental we provide a wide range of innovative, cutting edge cosmetic dental treatments including;

Teeth Whitening – Perfect for patients with yellow or stained teeth who wish to brighten their smile and remove discolouration.

Composite Bonding – Can be used to smooth, fill and correct tooth imperfections such as chips, cracks, gaps, worn down teeth and even exposed roots.

Veneers – These can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth for a complete smile makeover to rectify a number of issues from broken, worn, chipped or stained teeth to gaps, misalignment and damage, with natural looking results.

Crowns and Bridges – The ideal solution for patients with damaged, weak or missing teeth, crowns and bridges are a long lasting, effective solution.

Invisalign – A discreet, comfortable and effective way to straighten and align teeth without the need for metal, fixed braces.

Thanks to modern dentistry techniques, most cosmetic dental treatments can be carried out with little to no discomfort for the patient. Treatments such as teeth whitening, and composite bonding are non-invasive and almost completely pain free. If the procedure required is more invasive and requires a local anaesthetic, this can be done painlessly in the hands of our highly trained staff who work to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for all our patients to ensure that your visit is stress-free.

If you are extremely anxious about visiting the dentist which has prevented you from seeking the cosmetic treatment you want, we will be happy to talk you through the options for conscious sedation beforehand to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Liv Rutland

Chelmsford, Essex

Sorry it has taken me this long to write a review but I just want to thank Ian so much for my teeth. I had a brace put on and I was quite nervous throughout the whole procedure as I don’t feel totally comfortable whenever I go to the dentist, however Ian was always so professional and confident that I knew I was in safe hands. He is also very honest so you know what result you can achieve and what you can’t which I think is really important. I am so pleased with my teeth now the brace is off and I would 100% recommend!! thank you Ian & Sharrow.

Emini Jaggan

Chelmsford, Essex

Sharrow has been very warm and welcoming – good services all round. Mr Clough has been very meticulous in his treatment – very patient. Taking his time with everything he has done. I have recommended several people to his clinic and I hope they take my advice. Happy and comfortable with the service and my mouth is back to normal! So far so good! Thank you

Roger Watling

Chelmsford, Essex

Truly great dentist, it’s no accident that my family, my daughter’s husband and now his family now go there. Having had bad experiences in my early life , I’m so glad I found them and can only deduce that they only take on dentist who are a. fantastic at their job, b. very empathetic to those who have had bad experiences.

Abbie Crabtree

Chelmsford, Essex

I’m a very nervous patient. I’m absolutely petrified of dentists but this one I feel so comfortable at. They are absolutely amazing with me and I’d recommend to anyone who’s also nervous this is the surgery for you. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. Thank you so much sharrows. 10/10 x

Bernie Dawson

Chelmsford, Essex

Absolutely wonderful service!

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