Oral Health Assessment / Treatment PlanningPrice
New patient oral and dental health examination including x-rays£75.00
Routine and regular Oral and Dental Health Examination£40.00
Complex Case Assessment (planning and written report)£95.00
Study models£40.00
Diagnostic wax-up/Smile DesignFrom £100.00
Full mouth cleaning and plaque control session (at time of examination)£35.00
Extended Periodontal treatment session with the dentistFrom £65.00
Panoramic X-Ray£30.00
Small digital X Ray (each)From £12.50
Hygienist Appointment£60.00
Tooth WhiteningPrice
Illuminé Home Bleaching Kit£350.00
Enlighten – 50 mins in surgery and home kit£550.00
Tooth Coloured FillingsPrice
Small (single surface)£80.00
Medium (2 surfaces)£105.00
Large (3+ surfaces)From £130
Fissure sealant/restoration£30.00
Emergency TreatmentPrice
Glass Ionomer Cement Provisional Restoration£25.00
Recementing Crown£25.00
Emergency Stage 1 Root Canal Treatment£65.00 – £115.00
Root Canal Treatment (including necessary x-rays)Price
Front tooth£195.00
Premolar Tooth£210.00
Molar tooth£350.00
Crowns, Veneers and BridgesPrice
Zirconia/e.max crown£525.00
CEREC same-day e.max crown£475.00
e.max porcelain veneer£495.00
Bridge – retainer unit (price per unit)£450.00
Bridge – pontic unit (price per unit)£400.00
General RestorativePrice
Michigan Acrylic Splint for Tooth WearFrom £350.00
Soft Bite Splint for TMJD£50.00
Sports GuardFrom £50.00
Provisional crown – lab-made£150.00
Dental ImplantsPrice
Implant Treatment Consultation and Written report£95.00
Cone Beam CT Scan for implant planning£95.00
Straumann Dental Implant including final restoration£2200.00
Guided Bone Regeneration (simultaneous bone graft)From £450.00
Sinus liftFrom £1200.00
Multiple implants £POA (case dependent)
Acrylic dentureFrom £440.00
Cobalt Chrome Frame dentureFrom £650.00
Surgical ServicesPrice
Planned extractionFrom £105.00
Planned surgical extractionFrom 175.00
Apicectomy/cyst enucleationFrom £195.00
Surgical crown lengtheningFrom £195.00
Teeth Straightening – OrthodonticsPrice
Metal Fixed BracesFrom £1500.00
Radiance (white brackets and clear wires) – single archFrom £1800.00
Radiance (white brackets and clear wires) – dual archFrom £2500.00
Invisalign clear alignersFrom £2750.00
Alternative clear alignersFrom £1800.00
Lingual ‘Secret Smile’ BracesFrom £2850.00
Fixed retainers£160.00 per arch
Removable Essix Retainers£85.00 per arch
Other treatments£POA
Missed appointments (dependent upon duration of appointment missed)£25.00-85.00

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