How To Look After Your Veneers

For those who have had issues with their teeth and have made the decision to undergo veneer treatment to resolve them, will no doubt be ecstatic with their new teeth and improved smile. Veneers whilst thought of by some as an expensive treatment can actually be very cost effective because of the longevity that they provide to the wearer, but whether you had a single tooth veneer or multiple teeth at once, in order to extend their life it is crucial that you look after them properly.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are custom made, ultra-thin shells most often created using porcelain or sometimes composite resin. They are bonded to the front surface of the affected teeth as a popular solution for resolving issues such as stained, broken, worn down, chipped, gapped or misaligned teeth.

Veneers are hard wearing, long lasting and extremely natural looking which is why so many people find them appealing and unlike other solutions such as dentures, they give the patient teeth that look, feel and act just like the real thing.

Taking Care Of Your Veneers

Good Oral Hygiene

Something that should always be in place for anybody with or without veneers is to practice good oral hygiene every day. Your dental routine should consist of things such as;

  • Brushing twice a day with a nonabrasive toothpaste, ideally a quick brush after meals also helps.
  • Flossing once a day can help to remove pesky food particle caught between the teeth which goes a long way to helping protect the teeth, gums and veneers.
  • A lot of people use mouthwash after brushing to ‘freshen their breath’ but in fact one of the most beneficial ways to utilise it is to rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash in-between brushing, or after meals and snacks.
  • Remember whether you use an electric or manual toothbrush to change regularly, at least every 3 months.

Watch What You Put In Your Mouth

Just because your veneers look and feel like the real thing doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. Biting or chewing hard objects such as ice, bottle lids and pencils or bad habits such as biting your nails can potentially damage not only your real teeth but can chip the porcelain of your veneer.

Although most foods are fine its always a good idea to steer clear of super chewy or tough things such as hard sweets, chews, toffees and sometime hard raw fruit and vegetables such as carrots and apples. In addition to this, things such as smoking, tea, coffee and red wine can tarnish the white appearance of veneers over time so try to cut these out and when drinking such beverages, do so through a straw to minimise the staining on the teeth.

Protect Your Veneers

Whilst grinding your teeth at night might not be something you can control, you can take preventative measures to ensure that the clenching and grinding your teeth whilst you sleep doesn’t lead to issues with your teeth, veneers and jaw joints. If you are concerned that this may be an issues then speak to your dentist who will be able to investigate further and may recommend a night or bite guard that can be worn whilst you sleep to help protect your teeth.

In addition to this, if you play contact sports such as rugby, wrestling or football then it is important to wear a mouth guard that will help protect your teeth from unwanted trauma or damage.

Regular Dentist Visits

Be sure to visit your dentist as regularly as they recommend so that they can check and clean your teeth, helping to remove plaque build ups and keep your mouth and the veneers healthy and intact. They will also be able to make sure that you are happy with your veneers and that they remain secure without any signs of damage or vulnerability which can be helpful to spot potential problems early so that they can be quickly resolved.


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