Eligibility Criteria for Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a long-term solution for patients and clients who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, either as a result of an accident or injury or following dental trauma.

An effective way of refreshing your smile, credited with boosting the confidence of countless clients over the years, dental implants are not a quick fix, but rather deliver lasting results which mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth. However, not everyone is eligible for dental implants.

This is where this article comes in. In it, we answer some of the most common questions about dental implants in Essex and who is eligible for them.

Are you the right candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a viable option for those who are suffering from a lack of confidence as a result of a missing tooth or teeth. Having a dental implant fitted can restore your smile to its full and natural wattage, and can make everyday tasks like eating, talking and cleaning your teeth both easier and more comfortable.

So, what makes a candidate eligible – and what separates those who are well suited to the treatment from those who are not?

  • A good approach to oral hygiene, with regular brushing and flossing
  • Sufficient bone volume in which to drill the implant
  • The best candidates are over 21 years of age and lead a healthy lifestyle

The importance of good overall health

Good overall health is one of the underlying criteria that we look for in any patient who is seeking dental implant treatment. As the implant itself needs to be buried into the jawbone, it is important that the client has not suffered extensive loss of bone volume, and that they lead a healthy lifestyle with regards to regular brushing, flossing and trips to the dentist.

In addition, factors such as smoking and any existing medication are taken into account, as these can impact the viability of the implant and the replacement tooth.

All eligibility criteria and underlying factors will be considered with your dentist during an initial consultation. But what happens when you pass these checks and move into the treatment stage?

Understanding the treatment process

To understand the process of dental implant treatment, you need to know how the implants work.

The implant itself is constructed of a titanium screw which is securely embedded into the jawbone and then fitted with a temporary tooth. The implant is given time to settle and heal over before the permanent replacement tooth is fitted.

One of the benefits of dental implant treatment is both the short and long-term impact treatment has on your smile. The fitting of a temporary tooth during the healing process means that you can enjoy a complete smile even as the implant heals. Typically, this process takes around two months, after which your dentist will invite you back to have your long-term replacement tooth screwed into place.

We hope this helps and uncovers some of the questions you might have about dental implants! For more information get in touch with the Sharrow Dental team.

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