Facial aesthetics (also known as facial cosmetic treatments) are growing in popularity in the UK. We all want to have fresh and youthful skin and are constantly striving to find new ways of achieving this. Sharrow Dental are delighted to offer a range of facial cosmetic treatments in Chelmsford, designed to help reinvigorate and refresh your appearance.

Botox and Fillers

Wrinkles and lines come with age and these can dramatically affect your appearance and confidence. Wrinkles and lines tend to form due to your facial muscles slackening and can be made worse by the sun, smoking, alcohol and stress.

Botox is used to treat larger wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and on the forehead. It helps to relax the muscles around the area where the wrinkles are, making them look far less visible.

We use dermal fillers to smoothen smaller lines on the face, including smile lines. They can also be used to plum up the lips or add volume to your cheeks.

Facial Cosmetic Treatments in Chelmsford

We are passionate about providing our patients with the best possible facial cosmetic treatments in Chelmsford in a relaxing and friendly environment. We understand that cosmetic treatments help our patients to achieve greater self-confidence, so we regularly attend courses and conferences to keep up to date with the latest treatments and technology available.

To find out more about our facial aesthetics and to book an appointment, please call Sharrow Dental on 01245 354046.

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Liv Rutland

Chelmsford, Essex

Sorry it has taken me this long to write a review but I just want to thank Ian so much for my teeth. I had a brace put on and I was quite nervous throughout the whole procedure as I don’t feel totally comfortable whenever I go to the dentist, however Ian was always so professional and confident that I knew I was in safe hands. He is also very honest so you know what result you can achieve and what you can’t which I think is really important. I am so pleased with my teeth now the brace is off and I would 100% recommend!! thank you Ian & Sharrow.

Emini Jaggan

Chelmsford, Essex

Sharrow has been very warm and welcoming – good services all round. Mr Clough has been very meticulous in his treatment – very patient. Taking his time with everything he has done. I have recommended several people to his clinic and I hope they take my advice. Happy and comfortable with the service and my mouth is back to normal! So far so good! Thank you

Roger Watling

Chelmsford, Essex

Truly great dentist, it’s no accident that my family, my daughter’s husband and now his family now go there. Having had bad experiences in my early life , I’m so glad I found them and can only deduce that they only take on dentist who are a. fantastic at their job, b. very empathetic to those who have had bad experiences.

Abbie Crabtree

Chelmsford, Essex

I’m a very nervous patient. I’m absolutely petrified of dentists but this one I feel so comfortable at. They are absolutely amazing with me and I’d recommend to anyone who’s also nervous this is the surgery for you. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. Thank you so much sharrows. 10/10 x

Bernie Dawson

Chelmsford, Essex

Absolutely wonderful service!

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