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NHS Dentists

Experienced NHS Dentists Available in Emergencies in Chelmsford, Essex

Obtain first-class treatment from trusted dental surgeons in Chelmsford, Essex. Along with providing emergency dentists so you never have to wait around for long, we also offer highly experienced NHS dentists to provide dentistry of an incredibly high standard.

NHS Dental Services

While we do provide private dentistry, we also offer a wide array of dental hygiene options available to NHS patients.These include:

Regular Checkups
Keep on top of your dental health with help from our experts. Regular examinations keep a close eye on the state of your teeth. Schedule an appointment every three, six, or twelve months to ensure maximum tooth care.

Dental Check Up

Fillings and Root Treatments
Stop a toothache in its tracks with a high-quality filling. Sharrow Dental Surgery offers both standard silver and white composite fillings. We also utilise crowns and bridges to repair heavily filled or badly damaged teeth.

Sharrow Dental Surgery's experts utilise local anaesthetic, combined with special care, to extract teeth. When tooth extraction is necessary, we take every precaution to ensure that you receive all the best advice and help that you need.

Prevention for Children
Fissure sealant is an excellent way to prevent your child's teeth from decaying. Teaching children to brush properly can take years, and during this vulnerable time, it is easy for damage to occur. A protective coating preserves the teeth until they are ready to be looked after responsibly. We also provide orthodontic treatment for children if necessary.

Denture Repair
Cracks and breaks are a breeze with help from Sharrow Dental Surgery. Make your dentures feel as good as new with our help.

Contact our NHS dentists in Chelmsford, Essex, for a full range of services, including emergency dentists.